Hands-On Hacking™

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Come and be inspired into the world of security by learning cutting edge skills that will help you keep your organization secure. Whether you are starting out on a new career or have been working in an IT department for years, you are sure to walk away from our course seeing computer security with a whole new mindset. The team at Hacker House™ provide hands-on networking and application labs that stimulate your grey matter to show you how hackers target systems and give you a defensive edge. We teach through real-world scenario simulations of servers to give you practical hands-on hacking experience that can be applied outside of the classroom. Our teachers have years of experience in practical cyber-security assessment skills and will show you how criminals, blackhats and security experts alike hack into systems. Our courses are purposefully aimed at those seeking to get an introduction into the world of ethical hacking be it for future employment or to enhance existing skills at work. Learning elite hacking skills doesn't stop once you leave the classroom and several of our labs can be downloaded and taken home for further study. Our aim is to set you on a path for your own hacking adventures and provide an environment for you to grow and improve your skills.

Hands-On Hacking™ FREE module

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You can download and try one of our course lab exercises for free today! Fill in the contact form below and you will be e-mailed with the user documentation to get you started and a downloadable module which you can work through at home. We recommend all students try this module before attending our course. Watch the tutorial video here to work through the sample lab exercises to see how Hacker House training can benefit you and your company.

Modular Approach

  • Conduct a network infrastructure assessment
    • Make use of data leaks and open-source intelligence
      • Identify and exploit widespread vulnerabilities
        • Review web applications to find vulnerabilities
          • Make use of open-source tools to enhance your system security
            • Crack passwords, steal data and understand how hackers target networks
              • Hack into networks… without going to jail
                • Learn the tools of the trade used by ethical hackers
                • Crack Web, Mail, Database, UNIX, Windows and VPN servers.
                • Break Web Applications, perform SQL injection, conduct network attacks and more!