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What is Hacker House?

Hacker House is a team of computer hackers seeking innovation within the information security industry. Hacker House provides offensive security solutions so you can understand the real-world risks that impact on your business. Hacker House teaches you what hackers can learn about your business and systems so that preventative solutions to protect your assets can be applied.

Hacker House's core mission is to change industry - not only in the types and ways security services are delivered, but also by championing cyber skills to promote ethics and integrity through hackathons and events.

Hacker House seek to protect consumers, businesses and corporations through innovative thinking, agile workforces and bleeding edge technology.

Hacker House's priority is to provide services and products that make businesses more secure. We champion cyber skills and training to encourage security as an every day utility to our digitally connected world.

We help you to protect your business brand, reputation and data.

H/H Making the cyberspace safer for business

We are here to help organizations protect intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information.
We offer:

  • 24x7 customer support
  • Experienced in-house team
  • Commitment to confidentiality


Services We Offer

Below are some of the services we offer. We can carry out bespoke services. Please contact one of our trained professional representatives for a quote.

  • Penetration Testing

    The penetration testing simulates an attack on IT systems. During the penetration test, our team of experts attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities on IT systems in order to determine what information and privileges are accessible. Ou team goal by exploiting weaknesses in network security is to mimic the actions of an attacker, so organisations can close these “gaps” before an adversary takes advantage of them.


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  • Network Analysis

    To understand the activity of hosts attached to the networ, is necessary for network security analysts to analise network traffic data, especially malicious activity. In industry there is a strong need for network security analysts, government and the military. The present course will focus on providing the fundamentals for deep thinking on network security and cultivating an analyst’s state of mind.


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  • Social Engineering & Exploitation Prevention

    Social Engineering & Exploitation Prevention service covers a large multitude of different testing, ranging from services conducted through the phone, physically on site or over the internet. On My Hacker House we believe that due to the fact all humans are involved in the security processes; social engineering should be part of the conducted penetration testing.


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  • Website Vulnerability Scanning

    My Hacker House vulnerability assessments are designed to test your internal and external infrastructure in order to protect you from known vulnerabilities and exposures. At My Hacker House we meet our client’s requirements, we’re able to deliver website vulnerability assessments, designed to suit your personal requirements.


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Our Network Presence

We frequently speak at events on the topic of ethical hacking. Want My Hacker House at your next event? Contact us.

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